Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Wonderland Horror-March 2017

Plans for March 2017 are already set in motion with the Wonderland Horror Event.

March 1st-31st 2017

“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”
“We're all mad here.”

Wonderland Horror is a darker take on Alice in Wonderland. While the story itself can already be considered a bit dark and insane. Wonderland Horror is an event that enhances the madness even more.

Picture this: Alice arrives in wonderland, not quite the girl  you are use to seeing. This Alice is armed and ready to fight.This Wonderland?, a place of darkness and evil beyond the rantings of a Mad Hatter or a Queen. The characters in this Wonderland are plotting your demise, but you aren't a girl running scared! That lovely tea party you remember? forget it. This tea party, the guests become the meal. the tea is laced with poison.

Enter a Wonderland of darkness March 1st!

To apply as a designer visit the tab above. To apply as a blogger send a notecard with your blog and flickr links and saying you want to blog for the event. I will let you know.

Invites will be sent to everyone on Feb 10th.

Join the Hex Events group to stay updated in the events!!


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